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Friend Surfing in Facebook

It’s quite surprising just how far you can get friend surfing in facebook. Many people do not alter their privacy settings and by clicking on ‘friends’ of friends you can often glean interesting and not so interesting things about them. Just as well that I’m not a stalker or out to rip people off – ‘cos it wouldn’t be that hard…

The other thing that amazes me is just how personal some of the stuff posted up on there is. Do people think that the anonymity of the keyboard and screen stops it being personal? Some seem to live their lives on facebook. Also, many of the pictures that people post are of them in situations where they are ‘having a good time’ – which seems to consist of being rather the worse for wear, having had ‘one over the eight’ – or eighteen in some cases. How about the situation where you hold a fairly responsible position and you post up pictures of yourself drunk? I’ve seen it happen. How about your kids seeing you that way? Also a bit worried about younger people putting themselves up – complete with photos. There are a lot of predators on the web.

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